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Annual Inventory Reduction Auction

Inventory reduction only – Nursery is NOT going out of business.
Call us for more details: (937) 884-5826 or (937) 836-5826

September 14, 2024


Important Information 

Auction Spruce Trees
  • Thousands of B&B Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens and Container Shrubs & Trees - All Pre-Dug and ready to be Planted

  • Everyone Is Invited To Bid!

  • Don’t Forget – Auction lasts all day long, so if you can’t make it early, come late. There are plenty of deals available all through late afternoon and early evening! Call us if you’re not sure auction is still going on.

  • Free Parking.

  • Bring your ID for registration.

  • Concessions are available all day long. 

  • Purchases must be settled up with auction staff by end of auction day. Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover accepted.

  • No loading on Auction Day.

  • Delivery is available – check with our main office for details.

  • All sales are final 

A. Brown & Sons Auction

No loading on auction day!

Pick Up Your Auction Purchases Starting Sunday following the auction. Lasting only 6 days following the auction.

Sunday through Friday 8am to 5:30pm

Special Note

Be sure to water all your new plants daily while above ground (before you plant them). After planted, water thoroughly on a schedule - once weekly to once every 10-14 days until the ground freezes in November, depending on type and size of plant (some may require more frequent watering in the first couple of weeks) – ask us questions!! Don’t forget to water all your new trees next year, too, beginning in May, as above, until next November’s freeze - we want you to be successful with your new plants.

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