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The Green Vase® Japanese Zelkova (Zelkova serrata ‘Green Vase’) is indeed a splendid choice for landscapes and street plantings. Its moderate growth rate and medium to large size make it ideal for providing shade and adding visual interest to outdoor spaces. With its vase-shaped growth habit and spreading branches, it offers an elegant silhouette that enhances any landscape.

One of the notable features of the Green Vase Zelkova is its attractive peeling bark, which adds texture and character to the tree, especially in the winter months when the foliage has fallen. Additionally, its reliable fall color provides a stunning display of autumnal hues, ranging from vibrant oranges to deep reds, making it a standout feature in the landscape during the cooler months.


Mature Height: 50-80’ tall

Mature Width: 40-50 wide

Growth Form: Vase-shape with upright arching branches

Fall Color: Orange

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